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 High Point is an ambitious city. Whether rallying around union carpet baggers n the 1870s and textile barons in the 1910s, or planning public parks in the 1930s, the city has always been forward looking in its prospects. City historians have proudly documented the city’s past as if writing a guide for building a model city. Memorialized in numerous successful businesses and family fortunes, this ambition also is recorded in the city’s architecture.

Reflecting the city’s growth and influence is an architectural inventory increasingly representative of High Point's civic pride and cultural sophistication. Since early settlement, hotels and merchant-houses presented fashionable locations to visitors and shoppers. Later, wealthy industrialists had ambitious houses and churches erected in popular styles that showed the growing town's sense of style. Finally, civic projects such as schools and public works were built in increasingly popular and modern designs in a way that spoke to High Point's progressive spirit and quickening pace. By the middle of the twentieth century, High Point had assembled an impressive collection of architecture representing nearly every popular style since the city was founded, some designed by nationally recognized architects and planners.

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