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Reidsville is a city located in Rockingham County, North Carolina. Originally established in the begining of the 19th century as an outpost that ran between Salisbury, NC and Danville, VA called Wrights Crossroads, the Reidsville community grew from a single home and Inn owned by the family of Reuben Reid (a local farmer, businessman, and justice of the peace. Reidsville became a thriving farming community primarily supporting tobacco production and cigarette manufacturing. Reidsville was officially incorporated by the in 1873 and became a key location of the tobacco industry which employed large numbers of city and county residents. Tobacco was the mainstay of Reidsville economics until the mid 1990's. Many textile mills were established in Reidsville as well,  though most have now closed. Although Reidsville has experienced economic recession in recent years the community has enjoyed a renewedl growth as a sleeper city supplying a source of rural development for the surrounding larger cities.

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